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Field Instruments

We offer complete range of field instruments like pressure transmitters, DP Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Flow Meters, Flow Indicator Totalizers, Mass Flow Meters Etc..

Gauge, Absolute & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Various ranges of transmitters are available to meet most of the application in process industries. Normal to flange & remote seal diaphragm type of transmitters to meet high process temperature applications.

Flow Meters

Coriolis Mass flow Meters: Very high accuracy true-mass flowmeter for liquids and gases, as well as an inline liquid densitometer. The first Coriolis meter to offer two-phase flow capability.

Magnetic: Reliable flow measurement Solution with a lower cost of ownership and maintenance.

Vortex: High-accuracy, high-value general purpose flowmeter for liquids, gases and steam.

Orifice Assemblies: Complete range of orifice Plate and flange assemblies to create differential pressure for flow measurements.

Level Transmitters

Various type of level transmitters are available with their process-wetted materials are available in steel, stainless steel, Inconel or Hastelloy C. To withstand your challenging process environment, they are FM/ATEX rated explosion-proof and intrinsically safe, approved for SIL2 applications with a proof test interval for up to five years.