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Heat – Treatment

We have been providing engineered Solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than decade now. Our furnace control Solutions enable our customers to:

  • Optimise the heat treatment furnace control process.
  • Reduce waste through increased accuracy of furnace control and specialist control algorithms.
  • Optimise energy and power usage.
  • Curtail rework and reduce scrap by improving consistency and repeatability.
  • Increase plant availability using Eurotherm’s plant proven reliable heat treat control systems.
  • Reduce and eliminate paper trails by utilising the extensive data management, archive and reporting facilities.
  • Enhance personnel productivity with a structured view of plant operation and training.
  • Decrease the risk of human errors with secure recipe management systems and advanced control strategies.
  • Improve information flow with seamless integration to business systems.


- Sealed Quench Furnace Automation

- Vacuum Furnace Automation

- Gas Carburising Furnace (GCF) Automation

- Continuous Carburising Furnace Automation

- CGL (Continuous Galvanising Line Heater Control Panel)

- Metal Continuous Coating Line Hater Panel

- Environmental Chamber Automation

- Batch Annealing Furnace Automation Solution

Automation Control Panel Sealed Quench Furnace

Automation Solution Gas Carburising Furnace

Automation Solution Continuous Carburising Furnace