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Process Controllers

PID Controllers, Indicators and Alarm Units;

Simply imagine process excellence and with Eurotherm & you will achieve it. Our range of controllers provide world class control and versatility with clear, user friendly, operator interfaces. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 & 16 Loops Controllers.

Ideal for Applications like

Plastics - extrusion

Heat Treatment

Oven & Chillers

Stress Relieving

Glass Furnaces & Lehr

Environmental Chamber

Chemical process control

Feature includes

Unique PID Algorithms

Bright Dual displays

Universal Inputs

24 VDC Tx. Power supply

Output Meter

Various communications

Scrolling Menu & Alarm Messages

Special applications like

Carburizing Process

Endothermic Generator

Ceramic Kilns

Temperature & RH App.

Vacuum Furnaces

Boiler Drum Level control

Autoclaves & Reactors

Special applications like

1,2,3,8 & 16 PID Loops

Ultra High precision Process input

Cascade, Ratio & Override Control

Setpoint Programming

Math, Logics & Timers

Zirconia & Vacuum Inputs

Modular design

Model: 2204, 2404

Model: Multi loop 2604,2704, Mini8 & 2500

Model: 3504, 3508, 3204, 3208, 3504

Model: 32h8