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Solid State Contactors & Thyristor Power Controllers;

For the control of electrical heating or other switching applications, here you will find a range of Solid State Relays (SSR) and Power Controller assemblies to suit every need:

Ideal for Applications like

Plastics - extrusion

Autoclave Chambers

Food Processing

SWIR Loads

Carburizing Process

Heat Treatment Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces

Semiconductor Furnaces

Mettalizer Application

Feature includes

Ergonomic Design

AC / DC Logic Input Signal

Firing mode as Logic, Zero Corssover, Phase Angle & Burst

Voltage Selection 100-690V and Load Voltage Starts from 20 VAC

1, 2, 3 & 4 Single Phase Unit

Digital Display with keypad for programming

19 types of safety alarms

Current from 16A to 4000 Amp Options

Math, Logic & timer blocks

100-690VAC, 50-4000A

Model: 7000 / Epack

Model: TE300

Model: Epower

Model: Epower