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Life Science

Our Principals Eurotherm is committed to developing DCS Solutions, products and services specifically for the Life Sciences industry to continually minimise costs while maximising productivity

Confidence in validation

Understanding the importance and complexity of validation can reduce the cost, time and confusion of the regulatory process. Have confidence in Solutions provided by experienced, dedicated, specialist teams that have implemented the successful completion of validated Solutions around the world.

  • Active response to the latest regulatory developments e.g. PAT.
  • "Test and validate once - use many times" engineering strategy.
  • Built in 21 CFR Part 11 features.
  • "Wrap & Comply" Solution upgrade validation path.
  • Standard validation templates.

Automation Solution for Sterilization Process (Autoclave)

Confidence in measured value for your money

Do you want to minimize cost and maximize productivity? And would you like our team to work with your team to partner for success?

  • Consultancy services to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • Consultancy to help you reduce validation time, costs and confusion.
  • Global and plant wide consistency - re-using engineering to minimize costs.
  • Complete life cycle support - maximizing productivity and efficiency.
  • Lifetime service level agreements to protect your investment.
  • A complete range of services designed to provide you with the best value from your system:

Automation Solution for Fermentation Process

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Calibration
  • Spares management
  • Technical support


- Autoclave Automation and Control Solution

- Boiler Drum Level Control Solution

- Fermentation Process Automation

- Environmental Chamber and Stability Chamber Monitoring and Logging

- Walking Chamber and Warehouse Environmental Monitoring and logging Solution

- Freeze Drying, Spray Drying and Hydrogenation Process Automation

Automation Solution for Freeze Drying Process